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Last Friday, shortly after the Microsoft bid for Yahoo was made public, Danny and I had an opportunity to discuss the proposed acquisition with Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of strategic partnerships for Microsoft. At one time Yahoo Local was the undisputed leader in local search and dynamic maps; it was the most innovative product in the market. Yahoo has broader and deeper mobile carrier relationships around the globe than Microsoft, and its consumer brand strength is greater even in the nascent mobile market. Posted by Yaron Galai on April 30, 2006 at 08:13 AM in Aggregation, Google, Search engines, Yahoo!
Yahoo Yellow Pages was one of the earliest and most successful online yellow pages, but now looks very tired, in contrast to the other local resources in the market. If I had to choose one as a cluster, I’d probably say that the Yahoo properties are stronger and somewhat more fully developed. The background was a growing number of requests from Yellow Pages (YP) companies to use our services to expose their specific YP listings on the major search engines[1].

A user reaching a category page on a YP site must still engage with the site (drill down, search, browse, whatever) in order to see the business listings. Thus, I would expect some sort of combination of the two products, replacing Yahoo Maps with Virtual Earth and seeking to integrate Yahoo community content and features into a redesigned offering.
By comparison, Microsoft yellow pages is a slightly modified version of Live Local and runs on that same platform. But Microsoft would likely direct traffic to a hybrid Yahoo Local-Live Maps site as discussed. Microsoft’s 1-800-Call- 411 (built on the Tellme back end) is a best-of-class offering that fills a hole for Yahoo. You thus wouldn’t want to shut down Yahoo in favor of Live (or some successor search brand).
At the end of the day, a click going to a YP-Co plumber page is 10x more valuable to them than a click going directly to a random plumber.

So not only are they hurting themselves by obscuring their brand value, in the process of doing that they’re inflating their marketing budgets on very important channels (push even as little as 2-3 advertisers on a category, and the YP-Co ads are either going away, or will cost them a shitload of money… )eBay is a good example for getting this – They spend tons of money on SEM (probably the biggest spender in the world), but always promote only their category pages and never ever ever promote a specific seller page.
They seem to be extremely strict about this policy, as they understand that 10x value thing between their own page and a random seller’s page.
YP-Co’s case is even more extreme, as the ‘random seller’s’  page on eBay is at least under the eBay brand and within their framework… with YP-Co the links just go off to an external random site. And that's what makes the companies that get it (Google, Yahoo, etc) such wonderful businesses.

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