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Reidsville: William “Bill” Lee Miller, 67, went home to be with the Lord on Saturday, September 21, 2013. WILLIAM LEE MILLER: Well, he'd have a lot of thoughts that -- well, we all do as impute to these Founding Fathers, the things we ourselves think, so you and I can say he'd deplore this.
MILLER: The Federalist papers -- through that next winter, then going to the Virginia ratifying convention. MILLER: No -- well, it's not the Republican Party that begins with Abraham Lincoln in the 1850s. MILLER: Well, democracy in my view -- there are people today who would set those two words over against each other. MILLER: Well, an anti-Federalist is an opponent of the Constitution that was written in Philadelphia in 1787. MILLER: Well, opponents can combine lots of reasons, even contradictory ones -- they tended to be more localistic.

MILLER: I wrote a book about religious liberty in the early days in Virginia, and that was one stream about six, seven years ago.
MILLER: Reinhold Niebuhr was the greatest -- well, let's put it in the largest way, and then if you make me do it, I'll take it back -- the greatest American political thinker of the 20th century.
MILLER: When I read Madison, having been much influenced by Niebuhr, that sentence you just read leaps out of the pages of the Federalist papers, and it's got two parts.
MILLER: Well, the overriding vice is that you don't have enough strength at the center to make the government function.
MILLER: Well, there would just be -- the 11th and 12th would be added still while he was alive. MILLER: Well, the temptation is to give my opinion, which is negative, but I don't know what James Madison would -- he did oppose the anti federalist excessive desire for overturns.
MILLER: Had it had its influence not only in New York, because once they were in New York, you sent them around, so you used them in Virginia and in the other states that were still -- half the states, about, had already ratified, but the states where it was still an issue -- and the big states were the difficult ones and the important ones.

MILLER: The only -- let me interrupt -- century person you might say that about would be Dwight Eisenhower. MILLER: Go to a bookstore and tell them to order this from the University Press of Virginia. LAMB: You dedicated this book to Andrew Horton Miller -- not as a father to son, but as one writer scholar to another, with gratitude, admiration and love. Usually somebody from that background would go over to William and Mary on the eastern shore and on the tidewater of Virginia.

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