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TweetMany small business owners and entrepreneurs, including myself, get into the habit of giving out their personal cell phone number when they first start doing business. There are plenty of options out there to get a new phone line, some as low as $15 per month. If you are just starting out, and would like to get a new phone line exclusively for business calls without having to pay additional monthly fees or increase your current phone bill, the best bet is to check out Google Voice.  By visiting Google Voice you can create an account, sign up and obtain a free phone number of your choice.
Once you have decided on your phone number, your next step is to set up your account and add your current personal phone number.
Google Voice will allow you to forward phone calls to your personal phone, and take voicemails on a seperate voice mail box than the one you use for personal calls.

Once you have set up the options you prefer, you are ready to start giving out your new phone number and accepting business calls. As of right now, Google will allow you to port the number for a small fee, this may change down the line. If you set it up this way, you will be able to accept calls without exposing your personal number. If you want to utilize the number to make calls as well, you will need to purchase minutes thru Google Voice to do so.
If you have a smart phone and you install the Google Voice app, you can make FREE calls from the app to your clients or others, and your GV number will display on their caller ID instead of your personal one.

At first my text messages weren’t coming through to my phone, but all it took was some adjustments to my settings, and now they come right through.

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