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If you’re not sure of the numbers you need in each area, talk to your manager and other salespeople, or take an educated guess. Save these numbers in a log book so you can come back to them later to review and look for trends. An INS number is supposed to tell at a glance what an oil will do in soap in terms of hardness, conditioning, lather, iodine, cleansing.
Having said that, the calc I use gives your numbers in green if they are perfect and red out of range.
However, I am such a perfectionist that if all my numbers are green I want my INS to be as close to 160 as possible.
A tried and true recipe that you develop on your own is such a precious thing, and deserves the credit for the work that went into it, regardless of what the numbers say! Thanks for explaining these numbers to me and for reminding me that theory and practice are often farther apart than we care to admit. You don’t have to be fancy here, just mark them down so you know what your numbers are at the end of the day. The one element you have complete control over is your activity: the number of people you call on and reach out to on a daily basis.

An INS number refers to a numerical value that explains or describes the properties an oil will have when reacted with sodium hydroxide to make bar soap. I agree, sometimes the numbers you get from a soap calculator don’t always reflect how a soap will perform. The reality, and what salespeople need to hear, is that sales is and always will be a numbers game. Start with the total number of sales you want to make for the year, then break that down to monthly, weekly, and daily numbers.
Use the 6 tips above to have more success and make more sales and remember: if you take care of your sales numbers, your sales numbers will take care of you. In my opinion, best case scenario, what INS numbers appear to predict is from a scientific standpoint is what technically should make a good bar of soap. If you’d like to see how INS values are calculated, this blog post is comprehensive and informative. If you had a soap with 100% Cocoa Butter, it would have almost a perfect INS number but it certainly would not be a perfect batch of soap. Now when I’m soaping I just use it as a guideline, however I cannot resist the cleansing and conditioning numbers I guess that’s just the newbie in me!

It’s still fun to play with the numbers, though, to try to get an idea of what a soap might be like when formulating a recipe. In other words, if you talk to enough people you’ll eventually bump into someone who is looking for exactly what you have. To test this theory, I actually made a batch of 100% Cocoa Butter soap (5% superfat, no water discount).
If the soap you make is good and you like it, but the INS numbers don’t score high, then go with your intuition and creativity- not the numbers. Now granted, you have to have quality behind the numbers, but assuming you’re talking to the right people the right way, it’s all about the numbers. Talking to a large number of people means a large amount of business, talking to a small number of people means a small amount of business.

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