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Google Voice users, this is big: You might already be able to port your own phone number into the service. With a few clicks, you can have people call the regular phone number that you've been using all these years, without having to teach them to call a different number just so you can use Google Voice and all its Gmail-like features.
Too bad this capability was not available a couple of years ago when I first started using the free Google Voice service, and told everyone in my address book about my new phone number.

Keep in mind that if you do select that option and pay your $20, whichever landline or cellphone provider you were paying to use that phone number before might want to charge you an early termination fee.
It'll be simple to just drop your old service automatically by paying the $20 and importing that number to Google Voice.
Now, I like that my chosen Google Voice number so much, there's not an old number I'd rather port.

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