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This article describes a collection of historical records scheduled to become available at FamilySearch.org. Use the birth date or age along with the place of birth of each partner to find a couple's birth records and parents' names. Use the birth date or age along with the place of birth to find the family in census records.
Occupations listed can lead you to employment records or other types of records such as military records. The name of the undertaker or mortuary could lead you to funeral and cemetery records which often include the names and residences of other family members. Continue to search the records to identify children, siblings, parents, and other relatives who may have been born, married, or died in the same county or nearby. The information in the records is usually reliable, but depends upon the reliability of the informant.

Earlier records may not contain as much information as the records created after the late 1900.
There is also some variation in the information given from one marriage record to another record. Don't overlook FHL Keyword West Virginia, Vital Records items in the FamilySearch Library Catalog. These pieces of information may give you new biographical details that can lead you to other records about your ancestors.
For other libraries (local and national) or to gain access to items of interest, see the wiki article West Virginia Archives and Libraries. We are looking for additional information that will help readers understand the topic and better use the available records. You can browse through images in this collection by visiting the browse page for West Virginia, County Vital Records, 1794-1969.

Some indexing has been done and other indexed records will be added as they become available.
We also need translations for collection titles and images in articles about records written in languages other than English.
Here you can find citations already created for the entire collection and for each individual record or image.

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