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John Forrester, a prisoner at Monroe Correctional Complex in Washington state succeeded in castrating himself with a shaving razor this week. Penile amputations and mutilations are a constant problem within the prison system, often by prisoners who are found sane under the current high standards for insanity.
These cases often raise serious questions about our current standards for insanity that exclude many of the most serious cases of mental illness.
There has always been a high number of prisoners with mental health problems in our system.

It seemed to me when Jeffery Dhamer was judged sane and could stand trial that that was the day it was revealed that no one trusts the justice system anymore.
There are people that a society can’t take the chance will ever be let out from their prison and the only way to do that is to disregard the possibility of a madman being deemed cured.
Bernie Madhoff is under house arrest and demonstrators at the RNC are being charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism under provisions of the Homeland Security statute.
Prisons are just warehouses and even they are reflective of a justice system that favors some based on social status and connections.

No one wants dangerous people put in a State hospital that might release them just because there’s a budget shortfall or the Governor decides maintaining them is a fiscal drain on their budget.

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