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Washington D.C has three international airports operating flights between the city and countries outside the USA. Washington as long served as an important city to the whole federation of the United States of America. The most famous president of the US, known for his courage and persistence to get to the top sit and for struggling through the America’s civil war, also has his memorial in Washington D.C. New polling released today finds that an overwhelming percentage of people in Washington D.C.

These airports are Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshal Airport near Baltimore, north-east of Washington D.C.
Washington as a large number of historic sites that are essential marks left to the American society by people of the past. Visitors can also get into Washington D.C by train from Boston to Richmond, from Chicago and Alexandria in Virginia. Some of the places to find accommodation facilities in Washington are: The East End, Dupont Circle, the Capitol Hill, the West End and George Town.

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