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The Duggar family records are the subject of a lawsuit filed today in Washington County, Arkansas, demanding the release of police records. According to today’s report in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the police refused to honor a FOI request and the suit asks for a court order to obtain the records.
Fans of the Duggar family reality TV show, the now canceled 19 Kids and Counting, will remember the hospital as the place where the premature Josie Duggar was born to Michelle Duggar on December 10, 2009. The tape recording of one 911 call received by the police was obtained by In Touch Weekly magazine under the FOIA and was published on June 11.

Now, the Fewell case is asking for all police records relating to that call to be released.
Circuit Judge Stacey Zimmerman ruled on May 21 that all records pertaining to the Duggar family scandal involving incestual child molestation and the police investigation in 2006–2007 be destroyed. The suit is against the Tontitown Police Department for its failure to release records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), relating to a 911 call originating from the Duggar family home on May 27.
The suit was filed by Victra Fewell, the former Arkansas Deputy Attorney General and the present Security Specialist for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

Although the child in question has not been identified, Josie Duggar was hospitalized in Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock for four months after her birth. On a 19 Kids and Counting episode which aired on April 28 this year, TLC cameras filmed Josie having a seizure in the Duggar family home while her parents Jim Bob and Michelle were on a promotional tour in Chicago.

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