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Photo of The groom's entourage presenting gifts to the bride and her family as he asks for her hand in marriage.
In Vietnamese society, people have a habit of being superstitious and this has been part of their daily life, their traditions and customs.
On the Vietnamese New Year, people believe that the first person who visits their home during Tet holiday has a bearing on their welfare for the whole year.
Vietnamese tradition of weddings nowadays still remains its core values as in the past.The wedding ceremony begins in front of the altar.
The Vietnamese attach great importance to two traditional family obligations: to care for their parents in their old age and to worship them after death.

On such occasions as marriages, funerals and open new house, people will try to choose a propitious date. In contrast, the person who sweeps the floor on the first three days of this festive occasion might sweep away the wealth.The first day of Vietnamese lunar new year is reserved for the nuclear family, that is, the husband’s household. In the countryside, parents often arrange marriages; divorce remains uncommon, though is more frequent in cities.
In each Vietnamese family has at least one altar on which there are the pictures of their ancestors. Vietnamese women live by the “four virtues”: hard work, beauty, refined speech and excellent conduct.

As a result, every day, Vietnamese people not only lay the table for meal but they also lay the food on the altar for the belief that those ancestors will have a meal with them.

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