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It's scary to think that other companies can tack on charges to your phone bill with out you even connecting. He detailed the experience on his website, including scans of his cell phone bills to show what the unauthorized charges look like.
I hope people take closer look at their phone bill to make sure no one else is getting crammed.
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A new government report shows that phone companies tag on about $300 million in third-party charges on bills each year and many customers just pay them blindly without question. Officials say consumers need to take a close look at their bills to try to avoid being scammed. The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on a scam against consumers called "cramming." These are typically small, unauthorized charges showing up on cell phone bills. Read the fine print before you fill out an entry form because sometimes you're actually giving the company permission to enter you in a service and the fee will show up on your cell phone bill.

Or perhaps you've been notified that you won a prize, but when you call the 900 number to claim  your winnings you'll end up getting charged.

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