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Phone verification is one of the most cost effective and efficient service available in the market which are proven to enhanced and improved the security and protection in online verification processes.
Phone verification service by PhoneConfirm is a simple and easy to use application in any situation. Aside from empowering online transcation to encounter online shopping transaction fraud, phone number verification services can also be used to improve business online facilities and services by providing an extra value added solution such as securing corporate email password resets, confirm and authorized orders, verify login or internet signup and many more. Here are few from many usage information and example on how phone verification services can add extra value or solution for your business.

It is crucial to ensure that all of your business transaction must be verified by an authorized person of the company or there will be a fatal financial loss if you do not treat identity security fraud seriously. Phone verification services is crucial for all businesses that 100% rely on online transactions. This method will provides additional layer of security to decrease internet fraud by adding real-time identity verification for online merchants and transaction. For example, in online shopping transaction, end user can enjoy shopping online and authorized payment only if phone verification is a matched.

Any new id request or password reset must be verified with phone verification to ensure only authorized person gain access.

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