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Grounds for Filing for Divorce in Utah OnlineDec 16, 2010Learn what is the process in filing divorce in Utah. Utah allows divorce on fault-based grounds, as well as the no-fault grounds of irreconcilable differences.[1] If you want to file for divorce in a Utah court, you must have lived in the state for at least three months. If your spouse files an answer, both of you must disclose to each other a Financial Declaration.[13] On this form, each party discloses all income, assets, debt, and expenses both to the court and to each other. If your spouse does not file an answer within the time specified on his summons, you may ask the court for a default judgment. Instead of a response contesting your petition, your spouse also may file a written stipulation that he agrees to the divorce.
The orientation course educates parents about divorce and its alternatives, including resources to improve the marriage and resolve custody issues, along with procedural alternatives to divorce.
The custody evaluator observes and considers many factors related to the best interest of the child, the standard courts use to make child custody decisions.
Before your hearing, try to go to the courtroom where your hearing will be held and observe another hearing so you have some idea of what to expect. Plan on getting there at least 30 minutes early so you have time to go through security, find your courtroom, and take a seat. From winning acquittals in major felonies, to winning custody of children in heated divorce cases, to recovering money from the Social Security Administration for clients that have previously been denied, our attorneys have an impressive history of victories across the legal spectrum.
I was sitting in court listening to the prosecutor argue to the judge that I should be in jail for a probation violation. We protect individuals, families, and businesses who face common legal challenges in such areas as accidents and injuries, DUI and criminal defense, divorce and family law, bankruptcy, and more.
A decree of divorce is granted by a judge after the parties have filed all of the necessary paperwork with the court, have attended all necessary hearings and other appearances, and all other statutory requirements have been fulfilled.
Understanding how the Divorce Process in Utah works is key to getting through it and moving on. Many divorces require several appearances in court and even a simple divorce will require the filing of many documents and possibly at least one court appearance. The costs for legal representation in a Utah Divorce vary depending on your particular circumstances.
The Utah court system has put together a lot of self help resources for individuals who are considering divorce.For example, OCAP (Online Court Assistance Program) has many of the basic documents that are typically filed in a divorce case. Utah’s statutory laws relating to a Utah Divorce is concentrated primarily in Utah Code 30-3-1 et seq. Divorce Process in Utah – Divorce in Utah can be quick and painless, or as painful as the parties want it to be. Contested Divorce – What you need to know if your Utah Divorce will not settle or if you have a spouse who is being unreasonable.

Uncontested Divorce – The fastest and most affordable way to terminate your marriage. Utah Divorce Laws – If you are going through divorce, it is critical you understand all the Utah Divorce Laws on such things as alimony, custody, support, and more.
Divorce Education Classes – Under Utah law, parents in a divorce are required to attend a divorce orientation and education class about how divorce may affect children.
Divorce Modification – It is not uncommon for an individual to need changes to their divorce decree months or even years following a divorce. Guardian ad Litem – Learn more about the guardian ad litem’s role in protecting your children in a Utah Divorce. If you are considering a Utah Divorce or if you have been served with divorce papers, contact us today and Get Protected! Our Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney is dedicated to protecting your rights and the rights of your family through this sometimes difficult process. The attorneys at Salcido Law Firm PLLC represent clients all throughout the State of Utah including such areas as Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, St.
If your divorce is complicated, an attorney can help guide you through the process and ensure everything is done correctly. You also may find notaries in private businesses such as check-cashing services, or at the courthouse.
To open your divorce case, you must file your forms in the clerk's office of the court in the county where you live.
If you agree on the terms of the divorce, you can answer the questions in the OCAP Stipulation Interview and prepare agreed documents.
If your spouse files an answer, Utah law requires you to attend at least one mediation session to attempt to resolve your differences.
If you have outstanding issues regarding child custody and support and you and your spouse cannot agree, you can get a professional evaluator to perform a child custody evaluation and report her findings to the court. Before the court schedules a trial, you must attend a pre-trial conference and make one last attempt to settle your case. If necessary, go to the courthouse early and find it so you can make sure you know where you're going.
If one spouse wants a divorce and the other does not, the court will still enter a divorce decree. OCAP is a good starting point for those who would like to see how involved the divorce process can be. An uncontested divorce in Utah means there are no issues in contention between you and your soon to be ex. Divorce modifications are frequently filed and the standard for such a filing is there must be substantial and material changes since the decree was filed.

George, Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County, Weber County, Cache County, Iron County, Washington County, and more.
We understand the multiple decisions and issues involved in a divorce can be difficult for you to bear alone. If both parties did not have an agreement regarding the division of property, the court will declare property award.Utah divorce law also covers the issues about child support, child custody, and spousal support but not all cases involve support from one spouse to the other. The divorce decree entered by a judge defines your rights and responsibilities related to your family. For more information on separate maintenance please see our page on this website dedicated to information on legal separation in Utah. We offer effective counseling, advising, representation, and other services to help you through this difficult process.
In some cases, a Utah Divorce Attorney can help get the 90 day waiting period waived and move the process along quicker. It is also important that you protect your rights by knowing the Utah divorce laws.Residency requirements should be met for the court to accept the case. Temporary spousal support is the obligation of one spouse to support the other financial for a specific period or during the divorce process. A divorce decree may include provisions with regard to child support, child custody, spousal support, property division, division of debts, the marital home, taxes, and more. The court will dismiss the case if it discovers that the case does not have jurisdictional rights. It is different from alimony which is paid when the divorce has been concluded.Child support is calculated using the Income Share Model.
We have had other cases where we have billed hundreds of hours because the parties could not agree on anything. The court will declare dissolution of marriage if the petitioner or respondent has been a resident for three months in the state and county where the case is filed.The court will decree a divorce if there are irreconcilable differences in the marriage and when both of the spouses have lived separately and apart for three continuous years without cohabitation. While spousal support is determined by the court based on different factors such as the financial condition and needs of the receiving spouse as well as the ability of the payer spouse to provide support.

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