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COLLATOR EMPLOYING TABLE LOOKUP COMPARISON Filed July 18, 1958 l2 Sheets-Sheet l May 15, 1962 H.
OOLLATOR EMPLOYING TABLE LOOKUP COMPARISON 12 Shee'bs-SheefI 8 Filed July 18, 1958 ANON May 15, 1962 H. COLLATOR EMPLOYING TABLE LOOKUP COMPARISON Filed July 18, 1958 l2 Sheets-Sheet 9 May 15, 1962 H. OOLLATOR EMPLOYING TABLE LOOKUP COMPARISON COMPARING UNIT United States Patent 3,034,644 COLLAIOR EMPLOYING TABLE LOOKUP COMPARISON Henry A. For the purpose of illustration, the present invention is embodied in a collator of the type shown and described in Patent No.
Character Storage And Table Lookup Comparison The Primary Character Storage Unit 44 comprises six storage capacitors 561 through 566, FIG. The odd numbered lines 521 through 531 are connected in turn to odd numbered lines 541 through 551, while the even numbered lines 522 through 532 are connected to even numbered lines 540 through 550. For the specific operations of capacitor storage regeneration, reference is invited to Patent No.
The regenerated character signals issued through the respective primary and secondary output lines are compared with the character signals issued by table lookup means.

The secondary character signals and the table lookup character signals are compared in the comparing unit 46 and a positive output is issued along the output line 61 when there is agreement in these signals, or a negative output is issued when there is disagreement in these signals.
1 of the instant invention represents schematically the various controls contained in the afore-mentioned patents to effect desired collating, selecting and merging operations. The even numbered lines 546' through 550 are connected to the outputs of inverters 553 to 558, employed as read-in devices, whose inputs are connected to appropriate ones of lines 566 through 565 connecting, respectively, the outputs of AND circuits 566 through 571 to cathode followers 572 through 577 which operate as readout devices for the capacitor storage elements. 3e the table lookup signals are generated under control of the read head 52 which passes voltage signals according to the character bit signals read.
Concurrently, the primary character signals and the same table lookup character signals are compared in comparing unit 47 which provides an output on line 62 having the same significance as that issued by line 61. JURGl-:Ns ETAL COLLATOR EMPLOYING TABLE LOOKUP COMPARISON Filed July 1s, 1958 12 Sheecs-Shee'l'l '7 May 15, 1962 H. In each of these boxes the components are connected in the manner described to provide amplified and shaped signals identified as C2, C1, A and TLU (table lookup). The output from the latter is fed through a cathode follower SSb to the line 50 to which the branch lines 48 and 49 are connected to issue the table lookup character signals to the left side of comparing units 46 and 47, respectively. JURGENS ET AL coLLAToR EMPLOYING TABLE LOOKUP COMPARISON l2 Sheets-Sheet 4 Filed July 18, 1958 May l5, 1962 H.

These signals are employed in the manner explained in the aforo-mentioned patent and the Page patent, No.
The shaped output character bit signals from the table lookup box 53 are issued along line 54 which is connected, by means to be described, to an output line 50. The record cards are `distributed into these pockets under control of the control data recorded on the cards which control data is analyzed to control the distribution mechanism 6 in a manner fully explained in the afore-mentioned patent. From line S6, the path follows through inverter 610, line 611, coincidence unit 616 gated by an unequal signal from line 68, line 617, diode unit 618, line 36d to and through the latch 37, -line 37 to compare means y46 gated with table lookup character Signals.
As the regenerated character signals are transmitted to the compare means 46, 47, table lookup character signals are simultaneously issued :from the drum 21 to these units whereby the final comparisons are determined. The table lookup character signals are issued from the table on the drum by way of read head 52, through signal shaping and amplifying means `'3, line 54, inverters 55 and 55a, cathode -follower 55b, line 50, to both units 446 and 47.
The translator is also operated under control of C1 and C2 signals during table lookup operations for timing purposes by the following means.

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