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So you got a traffic ticket and now you’re required to enroll into a traffic school course.
Most of the online traffic schools in Orlando, Florida are priced about the same with maybe only a few dollars difference between them.
When you take the online traffic school route, you can log in or out of the course whenever you want. While every online traffic school in Orlando will be slightly different, they are required by the state of Florida to have certain features. The biggest issue is they aren’t approved for the 12 hour Advanced Defensive Driving class, but if you need to take the 4 or 8hr traffic school, this one will work just fine.

However, I always like to include the cheapest possible option you have and this is the traffic school for you if you just want to pay the lowest price.
Not all online traffic schools are certified in Orlando and there are some pretty low quality courses, too. With a classroom based traffic school, you will be required to leave your house and sit in a stuffy classroom with a bunch of other traffic violators who don’t want to be there. This ensures that if you need to take, for example, the 4 hour traffic school in Florida, it will really take you 4 hours. You can choose a text based traffic school, a video based course, and you can access the courses from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or just about any other device you’re using.

If you find an online traffic school in Orlando for a lower price, they will match or beat it.
The online traffic schools are super easy to pass, are priced competitively, and send completion certificates automatically. The pass rate for Orlando traffic school courses is over 99%, so the quizzes and tests aren’t all that difficult.

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