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On the other hand, there is an online service known as reverse look-up that lets you dial a number to find information regarding the caller. In a number of places punching *57 after a wrong number will tell you the location of the incoming call.
If you see that you are getting several unwanted calls, ask him to trace the unknown calls and urge the individual or sales company to stop bothering you with their phone calls as you are not at all interested. If you get a call from a blocked number, you will have the option to unblock their call to attend it.

Know that you will need to share your name and phone number along with the dates and times of the phone calls you want to be traced with the service company. After you have unblocked the call, the contact name and number of the individual or company will show up on the Caller ID screen.
The most effective way to cope with an unknown call that you don’t know is to not pick up and allow it to go to voice mail. This way the caller will leave a message and you will know whether the call is important or is it just another annoying salesperson.

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