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Well, all you government employees across in Texas who have criminal records, I gotta hand it to you: You won. And all the while, your counterparts in government service -- the ones who are honest and hard-working, the ones whose criminal records are limited to the occasional parking ticket, the ones who got their jobs through honest and legal means -- will just have to put up with you giving them a black eye. You too, you cronies: You folks on the government payroll who got your jobs only because your uncle is a city councilman or a state legislator.

Without that crucial bit of identifying information, no journalist will ever again be able to match up your name in public government records with databases of convicted felons or sex offenders or repeat drunk-drivers with suspended licenses.
Rick Perry is now in the hands of the state's highest criminal court.The former 2016 Republican presidential candidate didn't attend a pivotal hearing Wednesday at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

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