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NASHVILLE — If anybody on welfare wants to continue using taxpayer-subsidized, cash benefits on lap dances or liquor store runs, then now is the time to call your Tennessee state legislator and fight for your rights.
Tennessee Watchdog’s investigation last year into how EBT cash benefits are abused throughout the state prompted the legislation. Last summer, Tennessee Watchdog reviewed purchases and ATM transactions involving EBT cards in Knoxville and Chattanooga. At the time, liquor storeowners, including Harry Cardosi, told Tennessee Watchdog that cardholders generally use their stores as a place to withdraw cash benefits from ATMs.

Tennessee Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) officials who administer the program cannot trace what recipients do with that ATM cash.
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Lawmakers are proposing changes to state law following a Tennessee Watchdog investigation that revealed welfare, or EBT, cards had been used at Graceland.

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