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Published on March 4, 2013 in Business, General T&T, Race and Identity and Racism Watch.
EDITOR: I have just viewed the Trinidad and Tobago Residential Telephone Directory 2013 for the first time.
There is a pre-occupation with colour of skin and hair texture in Trinidad and Tobago a gift passed from our colonial experience which have us counting every environment that comes before our eyes, we count by race, color, creed, religion and and association. I find it fascinating that black people in Trinidad are so docile in defending their citizenship, race and culture.

They are still not free from mental slavery.The irony is that they seem to be offended by Trinis buying their businesses and property, but readily accept White dominance!
When the media and by extension society deny the black face the black voice is silenced, muffled and ignored.
I was the only black skinned person among the group of about fifty persons and the home was in a gated community where the only black Barbadian who lived there was Sir Garfield Sobers. The cover of the Trinidad and Tobago Residential Telephone Directory does not represent the darker skinned persons in our society and is therefore a key issue in my book.

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