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Wooden-legged loner Michael Sams kidnapped Stephanie Slater for eight horrific days in 1992.
At the house, Sams had held a knife to Stephanie’s throat, then bundled her into a car and drove her to the same lair where he had kept Julie Dart, in Newark.
He thought he’d got away with it, but with Stephanie free, the media had the story and the hue and cry unnerved him. At trial he admitted kidnapping Stephanie but denied the kidnap and murder of Julie, confessing to police three days after being convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in July 1993.

They found his workshop,  the wheelie bin cell and many other things Stephanie had been able to tell the police about in great detail. West Midlands police, alerted by Stephanie’s colleagues, were sure this was the work of the same man who had kidnapped Julie Dart.
An appointment was made and on 22 January, estate agent Stephanie Slater, 25, went to the house to meet the new client. On 28 January the phone rang at Stephanie’s office and Sams demanded to speak to her boss, Kevin Watt.

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