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This action follows a massive and similar strike across Georgia prisons, a hunger strike in the supermax Red Onion State Prison in Richmond, Va., this May, as well as a sit-down labor action in the kitchens at Central Prison last December. On July 29, as many inside Central Prison continued the hunger strike, a rally organized mainly by the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective and the Greensboro Legal Defense Fund attracted nearly 100 supporters outside. Striking prisoners, some calling themselves the “Freedom Riders Movement,” have requested that supporters boycott several of the corporations that profit off the prison system’s lack of adequate nutrition and hygiene. Among the prisoners locked in indefinite solitary confinement are Randolph “Paul” Kilfoil and other members of the North Carolina Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, who are preemptively segregated by prison authorities for no other reason than their identity.
To support their demands, striking prisoners are asking people to call Director of Prisons Robert C.
As of the rally, eight prisoners were still on hunger strike and being referred to as the “Strong 8.” Chanting “Hunger strikers, not alone, Free the Strong 8, not alone, No more I-con, not alone,” protesters then marched past the main entrance to a walkway alongside the prison.

Of the approximately 36,000 prisoners held by the North Carolina Department of Corrections, currently over 7,000  are confined in close custody. Prisoners organized the first-ever prisoners’ union, the North Carolina Prisoners’ Labor Union, in 1972. Many supporters came together last November to demonstrate against the tortures of solitary confinement imposed on ALKQN members at Central Prison.
Prisoners are refusing to eat to underscore their demands for an immediate end to solitary confinement, torture, physical and emotional abuse, and for more nutritional food, medical care and other basic human rights. After many rounds of drumbeats and chanting, during a moment of silence, they could hear prisoners in an open-air outside yard shouting back in support.
We are tired of being railroaded by the courts, and having our rights violated by prison staff and officers.

Sometimes prisoners are locked in their cells for weeks or more than a month, unable to come out for showers and recreation. In 1975, 150 striking women prisoners forced the Department of Corrections to close down the prison laundry system after a 15-hour stand-off. Not being able to see out is sensory deprivation, and makes us feel dissociated from everything that exists outside of prison.

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