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Alaska is one of the few states that has several clauses that prevent the release of public records. Many states release a variety of vital records, but Alaska public records does have its limitations. The Alaska government has accepted several measures that allow for confidential meetings, status reports, etc., in some aspects of government. Meeting notes of the state ethics committee are also confidential, and not placed in Alaska public records until after the ruling has been resolved. For most of what you are looking for Alaska public records will still contain that information.

You might need an Alaska Birth Record for ancestral reasons, genealogy reports or because you are trying to build your family tree. We all know that we require birth records for many things in life, but we never think about needing a death record. Most states have decided that every document in the government is made public, unless it may affect public safety.
For example, adoption records are not included, nor are other vital records that may be seen in more transparent states.
This includes banning the individual making the ethics complaint from speaking about the complaint in public.

But the government itself prefers its secrets be kept, so it has changed some of the rules regarding public records against the purpose of the law.

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