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GenealogyBank and Ancestry update their SSDI records every week and have 91.4 million records. So—just in numbers of Social Security records available—you can miss millions of records depending on which genealogy website you visit. For this Social Security record comparison we’ll use Tracy Kemp as our target person, who died in 2010.
GenealogyBank gives his name and tells us that the Social Security card was issued in New Jersey. GenealogyBank also includes the extra information that the Social Security Administration has validated this information, giving it the “Proven” designation—telling genealogists that it is accurate information. It is quickly apparent that all SSDI sites do not contain the same number of records or display the same amount of information.
He previously served as the Chair of the National Council of Library & Information Associations (Washington, DC) and as Library Director of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the New England Historic Genealogical Society. The next document that we will discuss is his application for a Social Security account number [2]. Just below this document, we will attach another, which Albert completed just a few months later, in which he applied to the Social Security board to make a correction in his date of birth.
This leaves us wondering why he would intentionally give an older date to the state of Kansas (and to several others) and a later date to the Social Security office.
We have searched the records of the 1885 KS State census for Franklin Co., and have not yet been able to find him, or his family.
We did find a record of his father, Ira Homer Morton, in the 1885 KS State census in Franklin Co., KS but in that record Ira stated that he was still a single man, unmarried, and he was living with his married sister, her family, and their aunt and a cousin. We searched for twenty-five years to find any record of this woman, other than those listed by Raymond, and were infuriatingly unsuccessful… until June 2012. After this time, we can find no document to indicate that Aaron Bonham was still alive, but neither can we prove that he had died.

We would never have thought to search for this record under the names of “Holmes” without first finding the record of her marriage.
Whether Ray was actually going by the Bonham name, as indicated above, or whether the census taker once again made an assumption of that, is not known. It is interesting that Ida stated that her parent were born in KY, because in prior census records she had always correctly stated they were born in Tennessee. We have heard that Ida Louise Easley Bonham (Morton) Holmes Hamilton passed away in Bakersfield, CA in the 1930s but we do not have a specific date for her death at this time. In every record where Ray gives the name of his father, he lists him either as “Ira Morton” or as “Ira Elmer “Morton”.
In only one record, his “Delayed Certificate of Birth” did Ray give an estimated age for his father. We have searched all the available records to try to find anyone by this exact name who may have lived in Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, or any other surrounding state during this period of time and have found no one with that exact name.
From this record, we have been able to go back to both Wisconsin, and New York, and find many records for this particular man. We actually have no other record for him anywhere between the 1900 census record mentioned earlier (for Stafford Co., KS) and the next one in 1915.
We did find one interesting record from 1912 that showed a Raymond Morton tried to cross over the boarder into Canada but was turned back by the authorities. From this point on, the family has a clear knowledge and recollection of Ray’s life, and so we will not go into that in this article. 1822  Spanish rule in California becomes Mexican rule with the rise of the Republic of Mexico and the country's successful War for Independence from Spain. 1833 The Mexican government secularizes the missions, making them public property and allows for land to be distributed to Indian neophytes and Mexican soldiers as payment for service in the military. 1918 The Valley reports record crops including 55,000,000 pounds of beans, and a variety of fruits and vegetables including apricots, citrus, peaches, potatoes, and sugar beets.

In fact, there are many differences in the Social Security information they provide, as this article will show. Importantly, the record also gives complete dates of birth and death, adding the day of the week. Aaron and Ida could have divorced, she then quickly married Ira Morton in the fall of 1885 (after the census) and they could have had a son, Raymond, the following year--Sept 1886.  We know Ira died in 1888, and Ida could have been reconciled to Aaron and remarried him with Bernice born to them in 1888-89.
With him are two Franciscan padres, Junipero Serra and Juan Crespi, who record the expedition and found the first mission. Los Angeles Farm and Milling Company, the successor to the Homestead Association, promotes wheat and flour-milling industry. The Social Security record also gives a complete and accurate age at death, giving the age in years, months and days. Apparently they have very little content relative to th deep south since people I know who search Illinois and Indiana seem to occasionally find something. The mix of agrarian and industrial life at this early stage in the Valley’s history sets a precedent for the future economy of the Valley as a pastoral region with some areas of industry. Senator Maclay goes to the County Recorder in Los Angeles and creates the City of San Fernando (township) through a map of development plans. Additional fuel-element handling accidents occurred during the recovery process that resulted in radiological releases to the environment and surrounding communities.
The mix of agrarian and industrial life at this early stage in the Valley’s history sets a precedent for the future economy of the Valley as a pastoral region with some areas of industry.
Many singers record Jenkins’ song including Bing Crosby (whose version hits #1 on Billboard Magazine’s chart in 1944) and the King Sisters; the publicity helps build a population explosion.

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