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Losing the companionship of your spouse is very hard; the financial loss can also be difficult, but Social Security can help.
You and your spouse worked hard for your entire lives, paying into the Social Security system. Social Security was designed by the United States government to provide economic assistance for the retired, disabled, and elderly. Social Security benefits replace or supplement your income and hopefully allow you and your spouse to enjoy your retirement in comfort together. When a Social Security participant dies, his or her spouse gets a small one-time death benefit, usually around $255.

If the deceased spouse wasn't already collecting benefits, then the surviving spouse collects the amount the deceased spouse would collect if he or she were still alive.If the deceased spouse had started collected Social Security benefits before full retirement age (65 to 67, depending on when he or she was born), then benefits are reduced.
However, if the spouse died before ever filing for Social Security benefits, when the surviving spouse reaches retirement age, he or she is eligible for 100 percent of survivor benefits.
Note that survivors can begin to claim as early as age 60, rather than 62, which is normally the earliest age for taking Social Security.If the surviving spouse is also of retirement age and also collecting Social Security, she or he cannot collect double benefits. The surviving spouse may collect whichever benefit is greater.Here are a few other wrinkles.
But if he or she either divorces or is widowed a second time, the survivor benefits are available again.

If there's more than one deceased spouse, the survivor is entitled to the higher-paying survivor benefits -- as long as they were married more than 10 years.

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