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It is very important for a person to defend against a shoplifting case if they have a clean record. Another of the many Shoplifting Consequences in California  is that it is a crime of moral turpitude. It sounds backwards, but a domestic violence or a DUI is better to have for the purpose of getting a future job then a shoplifting charge.
Typically, for a person who go caught shoplifting the period of probation will be about 3 years.  If a person is on probation then he or she must disclose that there is a conviction for the charge.

In addition a problem with shoplifting can have the potential to preclude a person from getting their license. A school teacher is better of getting a DUI then getting a Petty Theft shoplifting charge beacsue a school teacher is left in a position of trust. Because it is a serious case with the potential for jail time this means Shoplifting Consequences in California will go on  your criminal record.
It’s important that a pesron who is arrested for shoplifting do not pay this letter and get proper representation prior to paying anything.

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