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Community Supervision: Offender will remain under Adult Probation Supervision until May 21, 2009. The service will notify you, the parent, if your child has posted anything potentially unsafe or inappropriate, within categories related to drugs and alcohol, sex, depression, profanity, and cyberbullying. The individuals who appear on such notifications have been convicted of a sex offense that requires registration with the Sheriff's Office in the county of their residence. A study performed as part of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, a division of the Pew Research center, reports that “32 percent of online teens have experienced some sort of harassment via the Internet,” including private material being forwarded without permission, threatening messages, and embarrassing photos posted without their consent.

Chapman, a registered sex offender, had created a fake profile and pretended to be 17 years old to gain the victim’s trust.
The site has banned convicted sex offenders from joining, and in 2008 all of the known sex offenders already on the site were removed. Sunbelt Software has reported several suspicious Facebook scams, from a Texas Hold’em poker app containing adware to various phishing scams under similar disguises. If you or your child encounters a known sex offender on Facebook, report that person right away.

Your child can report to Facebook any stranger who tries to contact them or engage in inappropriate activity.

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