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You can respond to texts directly from your lock screen by pulling down on the notification drawer and swiping over to the left on the text notification. If you don’t feel like explaining where you are, you can simply send your location to another person via text message.
If you frequently chat with the same group or are talking with multiple people about a particular topic, naming a group conversation can be helpful. You can enable Siri to read articles on websites, books, text messages, and more thanks to one of the iPhone’s lesser-known accessibility features.
If you’re running low on juice and just need basic functionality from your iPhone, try switching it to grayscale mode to save power.
If you’re using the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus with one hand, you can double tap the home button to schootch content down toward the bottom of the screen.

If you set up a Medical ID in the Health app that comes with iOS 8, you can access medical information without having to unlock your iPhone.
There’s a clever trick that shows the actual signal strength on your iPhone rather than just the dots or bars you usually see in the upper left corner of the screen. This opens up Field Test Mode, which is mostly filled with menus of cell signal jargon that you don’t need to worry about. If you just received a text or email but can’t take the time to read it right now, you can ask Siri to remind you later on. If you listen to music at the same time every morning, your iPhone will automatically know that it should launch the music app as soon as you plug your headphones in. Low Power Mode, which is also a new addition with iOS 9, tells your iPhone to cut down on  certain features to lengthen its battery life.

This means it’ll stop refreshing apps in the background, pushing email, and other tiny things in order to keep your battery going. Make sure you use her pronunciation so that she knows which word you’re talking about.

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