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You can search by company name and free information includes name, registration date and status.
Click on 'Mehet' and type the letters and numbers displayed on the right hand side of the screen into the box provided. There is a searchable directory and free information includes name, registered number, status, entity type (IOM company, business name, foreign company etc.), name type (current, previous), address and date of registration.
Free information, (in Norwegian) includes registered number, name, address, telephone, fax, email address, legal form, activity and directors. A free service enabling you to search for companies by KRS number (official company register number) or by name.
Information includes company name, registry number, name status, company type, date of incorporation. The information is then emailed to you (usually within 24 hours) Company status, registration number and date of incorporation are provided free. There are no facilities for carrying out direct online searches for companies registered in the BVI but information can be be obtained from the Registry of Corporate Affairs by filling in the relevant form - fee charged. There is no searchable database but contact details for the Registrar of Companies are provided.
The General Registry Cayman Islands enables you to order birth, marriage and death certificates and now has a company search option. Information available includes name of corporation, filing number, type, status, address, agent and officers names.
Free searchable database providing name, ID number, agent name and address, status, form, formation date and filed documents as PDFs.

Basic business entity information including name, status, location, agent, file number, SOS (Secretary of State) registration date, and taxpayer ID.  You can search by file number, tax ID or entity name. The information available includes name, entity ID number, status, agent and officers names. The company directory can be searched free of charge and provides name, registered number, address, status, date registered, last and next annual return date, and last accounts date. Creditinfo RomaniaInformation on over 600,000 Romanian companies, including shareholders, company address, telephone, company activities, financials, registration number. Information includes Company Name, registered number, registration date, legal form, business activity, address and a list of deposited documents.
Company name, registered number, status and legal form are free however registration                      required to view the data. Under Ingyenes ceginformacio (Free company data), which is in red, you can search on cCompany registration number (Cegkereses a ceg cegjegyzekszama szerint), company name (Cegkereses a ceg elnevezese szerint) or tax number (Cegkereses adoszam szerint). Click on the appropriate tab to search by company name (cegnev), tax number (adoszam, cegjegyzekszam), seat (szekhely) or activity (tevekenyseg).
You can search the database free of charge and you can also view company name, address, registration number and company type. Free information includes company name, number, date incorporated, status, entity type, annual return filing month, previous names, address, directors' names and addresses, former directors and a list of available documents. Information provided includes name, alternative names, number, status, address, date created, agent, officers names and addresses. You can also restrict your search to a category such as limited partnership, bank corporation, local independent church.

Information provided includes ID number, name, status, primary owner, address, amendments, agent, date of formation and filing dates. Information provided includes name, ID number, type, agent, address, incorporation date, year of most recent annual report. Information includes name, ID number, entity type, original date of filing, status, date of last annual return, address. Information includes name, charter number, type, status, address, creation date, agent, officers and directors.
Information includes name, type, ID number, status, date of creation, address, date of filing of last annual report, agent. Free information includes name, registry number, type, status, address, agent, officers, name history and list of filed documents. Information includes name, status, file number, incorporation date, agent, officers names and description. Information includes name, ID number, type, status, address, initial filing date, agent, officers and directors.

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