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Soft press on the thumbnail image icon in the Camera app and your previous photos will appear.
Press someone’s profile photo in Mail, Messages or anywhere you see it in iOS 9 to bring up all the contact info you have for them.
Standards-essential patents have to be used to make a phone or device meet standards such as 3G and 4G phone standards, the wireless Wi-Fi connection or the video encoding method H.264.
France Telecom is finally switching its official name to Orange after the name change was approved at its annual general meeting. That France Telecom isn’t called Orange may come as a surprise to many, since it has used Orange as the brand name for its consumer and business services since 2006.

Despite being one of the most popular phone networks in the UK, O2 has been failing us all the past few weeks, and it’s about time these kind of cock-ups stopped happening. I feel completely out of touch when my signal is gone, always wondering who might be trying to phone or text me. Most people will still have their phone number on Facebook,  Facebook maybe the best way to share personal information for many Facebook users.
For example, instead of pressing the Phone app icon to open the app and navigate to the contact for your spouse, you can simply hard press on the Phone app icon, and select your spouse from the popup menu to make that call more efficiently. If you want to open a photo for sharing or editing, just press a little harder on any photo.

The name must be entered exactly as in the phone book, and the number must not be unlisted. Previously, I’ve chosen my phone network on the basis of which one offered the best deal. Perhaps it sounds a little sad, but I think we’re all approaching the point where we’re lost without our phones.

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