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If you are unsure on how to choose the right business telephone number for your limited company, then we’ve got a few tips to help you along!
Business Relevant – it’s an obvious point, but the best number would be one that relates to your business. Spelling It With Numbers – The Americans tend to use the letters alongside numbers on the phone keypad to spell out words relevant to their business. Tracking Success – if you are running multiple advertising or marketing campaigns, it’s a good idea to use different business telephone numbers for each.
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If you already have numbers in your business name or perhaps a standard local (geographic) number which is memorable and suitable for your business then hunting down a matching non-geographic number should be the logical step.
You may choose to have multiple numbers – for your main line, your fax machine, a voice mail service or various departments within your company. Find a similar number from our NGN list and contact our business consultants to have your new number set up in around 2 hours. If you intend to use a business telephone number for a advertising campaign for instance, you want something that’s memorable and easily recognised. Pick consecutive numbers to ensure your numbers are easily recognisable and related to your business.

An 0800 number is ideal here as the freephone nature means there is no barrier for customers wishing to contact you. You don’t have to worry about informing your phone company and you can keep your standard number for normal use.

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