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We have mentioned, in our discussion of the mechanics of Snapchat best friends, that the list is determined by a score that measures the number of snaps exchanged between you and your friends for a week. To unblock someone on Snapchat, scroll down to the very bottom of your contacts where you will see a list of the people you’ve currently Blocked.
It sucks that Snapchat doesn’t give you the option of hiding or displaying your Best Friends list to people who view your profile. Agreed, the best friends on snapchat was one of the main ways I was able to bust my cheating gf.

If you’re hiding something from your significant other, like who you chat with the most, you don’t deserve the person you’re with or anyone for that matter. Has SnapChat addressed this issue Anywhere publicly we certainly can get every rave fashion show and football thing from them. The person you have removed from your Best Friends list will be replaced by a new name, someone with the highest score on your regular contacts list. Snapchat is still very much a work in progress, and there are many things we don’t yet understand.

But it can cause a lot of unnecessary drama between a guy and gf for no reason… It happened to me.

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