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Singing comedy Impressionist Scott Record has a career and background as versatile as his talents.
Scot Mendelson attempting to break his own world record (715 pounds) at the Supertraining March Madness Meet. This entry was posted in Powerlifting News and tagged Scot Mendelson, World Record on March 24, 2013 by LIFT. As a child growing up in New England, Record’s early interests and training were in the fields of music, tap dancing, magic, acting and sports.

After watching the celebrity names revolve weekly on the marquis of that establishment, Record decided to test his talents on a Monday night at Dangerfield’s.
In between his schoolwork and hours spent working at his family’s diner, Record acted with several regional companies, as well as with the Boston Children’s Theatre. Rodney immediately liked Record and took him on the road, where he successfully worked for a year as Rodney Dangerfield’s opening act.
As a musician, Record had treasured involvement with the Boston Pops Orchestra, playing in the percussion section during the final year of legendary conductor Arthur Fiedler’s region.

Record has also played with numerous jazz, rock and show bands throughout the New England area.
Record regularly performs in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City, where he was voted the Best Variety Act of the Year by Atlantic City Magazine.

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