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Font ResizeCourt, medical records detailed history of violence, mental illness of suspected murderer Charles EdwardsBy Jessica M. Court and medical files from San Francisco Superior Court paint a disturbing picture of Charles Anthony Edwards III, the man accused of stabbing to death Collins as she walked to a hair appointment from home on May 7 on Broadway.
Edwards, who was released from state parole in December, is believed to have been in the Santa Cruz area for about a week before Collins was killed. Edwards has a history of mental illness that includes multiple terms of commitment in prison mental institutions that began in 1991, according to court records. In 1996, Edwards pleaded guilty to assaulting his mother in San Francisco and was released on parole 16 months later.

Flores kept a tape recording of the message and played it for a San Francisco police officer.
Edwards' mental health deteriorated and the case was put off while he was treated at state medical facilities for several years, according to records. The records in San Francisco drop off after 2003, but Edwards later spent time in jail in Los Angeles and San Diego counties for crimes including resisting an officer using force.
According to court records, Atascadero officials said his parole violations mostly involved violent behavior or substance abuse. Medical staff found he had chronic and paranoid schizophrenia and at one point admitted him to San Quentin's infirmary for increased delusions and paranoia.

Records show Flores had told authorities she believed her son would act on his threats and she told friends not to tell him where she lived. He is being held in County Jail in a unit reserved for those with mental health problems, according to his attorney, Anthony Robinson.

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