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Prosecutors have decided to expand an ongoing investigation into alleged San Francisco police racism cases. District Attorney George Gascon explains that the 3,000 cases that have been identified by authorities could have resulted in wrongful convictions.
Three retired judges have been asked to participate in the investigation as members of this special taskforce whose goal is to scrutinize the 3,000 cases and determine whether misconduct, racial biases or homophobia had led to any unjust arrests or prosecutions.
Former California Supreme Court justice, Cruz Reynoso, is among the three judges called in. Eight criminal cases have already been dismissed by the district attorney due to their connection with one of the 14 San Francisco police officers currently under investigation. Given the recen increase in similar cases, the public is already questioning the vetting process involved in choosing potential candidates joining the police force. Since opening its doors in March, 2009, the CJC, serving the Tenderloin, Civic Center, Union Square and SOMA neighborhoods, has heard the cases of 2,161 defendants. Once at the center, the offender meets with a defense attorney, has his or her case reviewed by a district attorney, appears before a judge and begins receiving services immediately. A case manager meets with the offender, determines their most pressing needs and connects the offender to psychiatric care, substance abuse treatment, and other assistance. In the next six months of operations the CJC anticipates receiving 400 new cases per month, up from the average of 222 cases (the first year of operations). Today, more than 40 cities in the United States have a version of a community court and various countries are developing their own models.
The Place for Conversation StartersWhen you are sitting around the water cooler every day, you can always start a conversation with your colleagues by saying “Guess what I saw it in the San Francisco Sentinel this morning.” You will sound brilliant and informed.
Deputy City Attorney Theresa M.Stewart and City Attorney listen to press conference at Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) was born to a minor Portuguese noble family in 1480 and by the age of 12 had become a pageboy to his Queen, at the Court of King John II.
On the Moluccan expedition of 1511, Magellan’s friend, Francisco Serrao had been shipwrecked and had taken refuge on the island of Ternate where, despite later voyages there by the Portuguese, he had chosen to remain. The five ships, San Antonio, Trinidad, Concepcion, Victoria and Santiago were all small, (none above 130 tons), old and somewhat the worse for wear. Also on board was a Venetian, Antonio Pigafetta, a Papal Ambassador at the court of King Charles. However Magellan could not afford to lose such a large number of his company and so he pardoned the lot; they were put to work, chained by the feet, working the pumps, clearing the putrid bilges and undertaking other menial hard labor. The San Antonio, was carrying the bulk of the fleet’s provisions, had a Portuguese pilot Gomes who was both jealous and disaffected with Magellan’s command and together with the fleet’s treasurer Guerra they took control of the ship from the Captain Mesquita.
It is interesting to note that whilst Magellan had always made every attempt to save or rescue his crew when abandoned, the San Antonio made no effort to retrieve the marooned Cartagena at St Julian. However there was provision in the Treaty of Tordesillias for discovered unclaimed territory in either half to belong to the discoverer if he could establish trading ports and conclude alliances with the local rulers. Cano was received as a hero and, at an enquiry set up into the voyage, condemned Magellan’s unfairness, thereby lending weight to the arguments of the deserters of the San Antonio. Benefit From Our Experience as Court Receiver in Las Vegas NevadaThe true strength of a court receiver is the knowledge and expertise that comes only from years of experience. At Receivership Specialists, court-appointed court receivers and court referees in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are committed to protecting and improving the value of your real estate, business, or assets, at the lowest possible cost, while disputes are resolved and justice is served. It is up to you (or your legal counsel, on your behalf) to request the appointment of Receivership Specialists as court receiver to the action. Either at the court hearing for the appointment of the court receiver or  via moving papers, the request for Receivership Specialists to become your court-appointed court receiver must be made to the court .
Receivership Specialists has offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Las Vegas and handles court receiver and court referee assignments throughout the Southwest. Founder and president of Receivership Specialists, Kevin Singer, specializes in state and federal court receiverships, referee assignments, and partition sales. Some judges stick around too long, colleagues and court observers say, prompting complaints that they are showing signs of senility such as forgetfulness, an inability to follow arguments and long delays in deciding cases. The circuit court holds regular seminars led by neurological experts to teach its chief judges about the signs of cognitive impairment. Richard Carlton, who runs the 9th Circuit’s counseling hotline, said he gets a handful of calls a year from judges concerned that a colleague may be impaired.
The judge said a tiring family emergency may have been to blame and indicated that he would reduce his caseload and decline trials and lengthy hearings, according to a 2010 order by the circuit’s chief judge. Canby encourages his colleagues to get ahead of any complaints by, like him, voluntarily declining to regularly hear cases at some point. In this 2008 file photo, Curt Garman, left, and Richard Looke hold hands as they look for a quiet spot to hold their wedding at City Hall in San Francisco. WASHINGTON The Supreme Court will take up California’s ban on same-sex marriage, a case that could give the justices the chance to rule on whether gay Americans have the same constitutional right to marry as heterosexuals. The justices said Friday they will review a federal appeals court ruling that struck down the state’s gay marriage ban, though on narrow grounds.

The court also will decide whether Congress can deprive legally married gay couples of federal benefits otherwise available to married people. The biggest potential issue before the justices comes in the dispute over California’s Proposition 8, the state constitutional ban on gay marriage that voters adopted in 2008 after the state Supreme Court ruled that gay Californians could marry. A decision in favor of gay marriage could set a national rule and overturn every state constitutional provision and law banning same-sex marriages.
The larger constitutional issue almost certainly will be presented to the court, but the justices would not necessarily have to rule on it. The other issue the high court will take on involves a provision of the Defense of Marriage Act, known by its acronym DOMA, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman for the purpose of deciding who can receive a range of federal benefits.
The justices chose for their review the case of 83-year-old Edith Windsor, who sued to challenge a $363,000 federal estate tax bill after her partner of 44 years died in 2009.
A special taskforce has been created to thoroughly comb through each case in order to decide whether dismissals of pending cases or conviction overturns are in order. Gascon explained that the task force will award priority to those cases involving incarcerations. According to Greg Suhr, San Francisco Police Chief, at least six of the involved 14 officers should be fired.
In traditional courtrooms, just 20 percent of defendants picked up for committing low-level crimes appear in court.
She also led the team of San Francisco deputy city attorneys intervening as plaintiffs in the federal case challenging Proposition 8. Like many of the younger Portuguese nobility he received his education at Court and could look forward to a military command, a diplomatic post or an administrative position in Portugal or her colonies. However, the course taken south went along the Coast of Africa until Sierra Leone and then went across the Atlantic was both extremely long and hazardous being susceptible to extreme changes in the wind and weather. Three days later they had reached the Cape of the Virgins (named by Magellan) and Magellan instructed the Concepcion and the San Antonio to investigate a small inlet at the far side of the bay sided by high peaks. It was now of paramount importance to Magellan that he succeeded in his mission, as he knew the consequences he must face if he returned to Spain unsuccessful after the San Antonio told her story. From the logs and journals available Magellan’s course had taken him across the Pacific missing out every one of the large South Sea Island groups.
Thus the Victoria under the command of Cano finally left on her own on December 21st and by sailing southwest to Timor and through the Timor Sea into the Indian Ocean she took a fluctuating course due west two degrees either side of 40 degree parallel.
In addition to Las Vegas,  Nevada, we currently have offices in major metropolitan areas serving the south west including Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California, San Diego California, and San Francisco California. Legal counsel, if the judges permits, may recommend a court receiver to oversee their clients’ cases concerning real property, real estate, and the distribution of assets.
If the request is made during the court hearing for appointment of the court receiver, you may request a representative of Receivership Specialists may attend the hearing. Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes federal courts in California and eight other Western states, has taken a more pro-active approach to the problem of mental decline by trying to get its judges to think about the condition, plan for it and handle it appropriately if it comes up. It has set up a hotline where court staff and judges can get advice about dealing with signs of senility in colleagues.
Most states require appellate judges to retire between 70 to 75 years old, according to the National Center for State Courts. Anecdotes from judges and court observers, however, indicate it may be more than an isolated problem. Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Colorado and five other Western states and has its own judicial health program, has addressed at least two complaints that could reflect mental decline.
The San Francisco-based appeals court said the state could not take away the same-sex marriage right that had been granted by California’s Supreme Court.
A provision of the federal Defense of Marriage Act limits a range of health and pension benefits, as well as favorable tax treatment, to heterosexual couples. Federal courts in California have struck down the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, but that ruling has not taken effect while the issue is being appealed. Circuit Court of Appeals crafted a narrow ruling that said because gay Californians already had been given the right to marry, the state could not later take it away. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York agreed with a district judge that the provision of DOMA deprived Windsor of the constitutional guarantee of equal protection.
Although a number of 60 to 70 cases have already been identified as involving individuals in custody, he noted that those numbers will continue to fluctuate as the investigation continues. To this end they boarded the San Antonio and took command, so that when Magellan awoke the following morning he found that only his own ship the Trinidad along with the smaller Santiago were still loyal to him. Rats were sold for half a ducat each and even so we could not always get them.” Magellan realized that if they were approaching the Moluccas they had to find a place to harbor soon, so that the crew could recover before sailing too close to the dangers of Portuguese waters where he knew he might be challenged.
Although Enrique was thought to have originally come from Sumatra it was quite possible that he was already a captured slave by then and it has been suggested that only someone from the Central Philippines could have understood the dialect. Receivership Specialists, your court receiver in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been appointed by the courts of numerous counties to operate and sell businesses, manage and sell real estate, obtain development rights, complete construction projects, handle estate liquidations, portfolio liquidations, enforce judgments, and operate and dissolve corporations and partnerships. Receivership Specialists has a professional staff that includes court receivers, attorneys, and project managers and are ready to assist you with your specific requirements.

Sometimes, the judge prefers to appoint the court receiver personally, but more often than not, the judge leaves this type of decision up to the legal counsel of the parties involved. During the hearing, the qualifications of Receivership Specialists will be shared with the court. Retail Strip MallAugust 20, 2010 By Court Receiver Las Vegas Clark County, Las Vegas Superior Court Appoints Superior Court Receiver Kevin Singer To Administer A 25,791 Sq. Rachlin, specialize in state and federal court receiverships, referee assignments, and partition sales. Supreme Court justices and federal appellate and district court judges are appointed for life.
Supreme Court decided Friday to hear the appeal of a ruling that struck down Proposition 8, the state’s measure that banned same sex marriages.
Magellan knew this route was well known for its unpredictable weather and that most ships tried to avoid it, but he was anxious to negate any Portuguese attempts to intercept and destroy his expedition and despite the misgivings of some of his Spanish officers refused to jeopardize his mission by altering his course.
This latter option meant the possibility of being intercepted by the Portuguese that would have caused his sponsor the King of Spain great embarrassment and would have further damaged his reputation at both courts. Singer joined forces with his long time friend, counsel, and business partner, John Rachlin, to specialize in receivership assignments.
Two other important members of the company were Albo, a Greek pilot who kept a detailed navigational log from the first sighting of the Brazilian Coast until the sighting of Cape Vincent on the return (November 29th 1519 to September 4, 1522) and San Martin an astrologer and astronomer who made calculations on the exact point of longitude the ships had reached; he was also the most accomplished pilot at celestial navigation amongst Magellan’s crew. The Spanish Captains, Castilians of high birth considered themselves more knowledgeable and it wasn’t long before there was open insubordin-ation resulting in the replacement of Cartogena as the Captain of the San Antonio with another Spaniard, Antonio de Coca. Carefully sounding their way through the straits they reached Cape Valentine where Magellan sent the San Antonio to investigate the southeast channel whilst taking the other three ships southwest in what was proved to be the right direction.
From measurements made by both Albo and San Martin it became apparent that the expedition had passed beyond the Spanish hemisphere and had already entered the Portuguese domain. Stewart will be the first openly lesbian justice to serve on the California Court of Appeal, if confirmed. Stewart is a Democrat. The merchant had subsequently died and his father had fled the country to escape his son’s creditors. To this end he began to study all the maps, pilots logs, charts and journals he could obtain.
Most of the crew were probably won over by Magellan’s stand but certainly not the Castilian Officers and Captains whose resentment of his single mindedness and inflexibility was still growing. The Santiago was the first ship to be repaired and Magellan, eager to find the Western passage as soon as possible, sent her on an exploratory probe along the coast. He kept the South American coastline in sight whilst heading north to about 30? South before heading northwest and crossing the equator on Feb 13, 1521 at about 160-165? W longitude, missing both the Tahitian and Marquesas Island groups, where they could have amply replenished their supplies and the crew could have recovered.
At a subsequent banquet, Serrano and Barbosa, who had assumed joint command (along with a party of men that included San Martin), were ambushed and killed by Humabon. By pretending to be part of a Spanish fleet that had been blown off course in a storm whilst returning from the Americas they were able to harbor and negotiate for new supplies.
Intensely proud of his nobility and his own worth, he could be tough when needed, humane and caring when circumstances warranted it and always courageous.
District Court Judge Wesley Brown in Kansas was the oldest working federal judge in the country’s history when he died at the age of 104 in 2012.
Unfortunately 70 miles south near the Santa Cruz estuary a sudden gale drove her aground and she broke up, leaving the crew stranded. Carelessly one of the crewmembers used some cloves (that could only have come from the Portuguese Moluccas) as part of the transactions and when their ruse was discovered Cano was forced to put to sea immediately, thereby abandoning 13 of his crew (including Pigafetta).
Two members trekked for eleven days back to San Julian to alert Magellan and an overland rescue party was organized. Caro sailed on to Spain with a crew of only 18, arriving September 6, 1522 at the harbor of San Lucar, a circumnavigation of the Earth that had taken just two weeks under three years to complete. He also assured Magellan that the ocean Balboa had seen could not be more than a couple of thousand miles across and that the Spice Islands must therefore be in the Spanish half of the world as laid down by the Treaty of Tordesillias. It is not known for certain whether Magellan was instrumental in cutting loose the anchors of the San Antonio but the ship did indeed break loose of its anchorage and drifted broadside of the Trinidad enabling Magellan to board and recapture her.
It was not until August 24th with Santiago’s crew redistributed amongst the four remaining ships and Serrano the ‘Santiago’s’ captain, now installed as the Captain of the Concepcion that Magellan finally left the bay. They moved along the coast near to where the Santiago had been wrecked to a better winter anchorage in the estuary of the Santa Cruz where there were plenty of supplies of fish, seals and seabirds to replenish their stores. Magellan returned to face trial and was cleared of all charges but his relationship with his King had deteriorated to such an extent that Manuel I refused all of Magellan’s requests for financial recognition of his loyal service and told him that he could take his offers of service elsewhere.

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