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Robert RylandBorn at Farmington, King and Queen County, Virginia, March 14, 1805, he was the son of Josiah Ryland and Catharine (Peachey) Ryland. Josiah Ryland planned to give each of his sons a farm, but his son Robert preferred to have his portion in money so that he might acquire an education.Dr. Ryland prepared for college at Humanity Hall in Hanover County, Virginia, where he studied Latin and Greek under Reverend Peter Nelson from 1820 to 1823.

Ryland's leadership, the institution grew from a Seminary with one teacher to a College which at the beginning of the Civil War had an endowment of $100,000, a faculty of six professors and one tutor, and an average attendance of about one hundred twenty students. Ryland taught for two years at the Richmond Female Institute, and also taught for a period of time at the Richmond Theological Institute.In 1868 he moved to Shelbyville, Kentucky.

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