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In 1986 Richard Pryor appeared on The Barbara Walters Special as a different kind of character, his lissome features, slender, fractured and unseemly. The ossified imago, stolen in the mystery of an inflammatory nervous disease, left us cheated out of what we could have seen Richard Pryor become, and we received a small dose of it during the 1986 Barbara Walters interview.
Richard Pryor won the epithet of ‘comedian’, and it is true that an artist of great ability was also present in the lotus eating.

Scott Saul (University of Berkley) has released a new book entitled Becoming Richard Pryor.  The book gives readers an insight into the earlier parts of Pryor’s life in Peoria, Illinois, as well as a compatible website with over two hundred documents used by Saul in the mapping of one of America’s great icons of comedy. His demeanor was distant, he was quiet, reflective, and more importantly, Richard Pryor was sober. His decline was not kind; his disease did not let him down easy, but more than anything, if there is one thing I would like to remember about Richard Pryor it is that even with a debilitating illness, he continued to remain as they say, uncensored.

An embodiment of decline, tranquilized, the Richard Pryor of my childhood was resigned to the electronic scooter.

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