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Google Phonebook­ has a reverse directory feature, which shows a name and address for phone numbers. Reverse phone lookup works best if you start with a landline number for a business or residence. Before the Internet, phone companies published reverse phone directories, or reverse white pages, by specific town or area and made them available to the police, libraries and others.These books listed businesses and residences, but they didn't include unlisted, fax or cell phone numbers.
Here are two:Using Google or another search engine, type the phone number in the search field with the numbers separated by hyphens (for example, 622-555-1777).

The Google Phonebook result shows the phone owner's name, street address and a map link showing the exact location. Below the Phonebook result, you'll see any other searches found that include the phone number.
These usually are paid functions that can provide unlisted and cell phone numbers for the person, as well as other personal information.
Besides name, address and map, this site provides the phone number owner's approximate age.

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