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You can use this type of reverse lookup when you are conducting a people search to learn more about someone new in your life or even a long lost friend or co-worker. All you need to begin your white pages directory reverse lookup or people search is a phone number. This information is all public, as the phone companies hold and provide general information about the numbers they issue.

You can learn who owns the number and where they are located, as well as other details about them such as an email address, residential address, photos and more. Perhaps you’ve lost touch with them and only have their phone number, but want to contact them via email or written letter.
You will instantly know whether your phone number in question is registered as a cell number, landline, or even whether it belongs to a business.

The phone number is connected to the person in a web of databases that also have access to other information about them, such as photos from social networks and online profiles, as well as email addresses from online listings.

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