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Instant Checkmate is very happy to announce the launch of their latest product: Reverse Phone Lookup.
Instant Checkmate's original product, criminal background checks, initially required a subscriber to input a person's first name, last name, and state of residence to perform a background check. With today's increase in mobility, people's residence or location may change regularly, but many people usually keep the same cell phone number, even if they move from one state to another.
Instant Checkmate background reports pull data from millions of records stored in both public and private databases. Instant Checkmate is has announced the launch of their latest product: Reverse Phone Lookup.
San Diego-based Instant Checkmate provides instant background check services for individual users.
With Reverse Phone Lookup, Instant Checkmate customers are now able to perform instant criminal background checks starting with only a person's phone number.

With Reverse Cell Phone Lookup, customers are able to find the same exact comprehensive data pertaining to nearly any individual, even when the customer does not know the person who is calling's name or state of residence. The Instant Checkmate program instantly delivers a comprehensive report that includes information such as the person's full name, age and date of birth. Instant Checkmate creates an anonymous, comprehensive background report for a subscriber using federal, state and local records, criminal records, sex offender registries, and publicly available records stored in public and private databases. Instant CheckMate background reports include a comprehensive dossier of federal, state and local records, criminal background checks, sex offender registries, and public records. This new feature enables subscribers to execute comprehensive criminal background checks on individuals with merely one singular data point; a phone number.
But with our reverse phone lookup feature and connected criminal background checks, now our customers can not only find out who is calling them, but they can find out if it is a sex offender, a violent criminal, an identify thief, or some other type of predator. Instant Checkmate background reports can also reveal other information, including the subject's physical location, associated telephone numbers, other residents at the same address, criminal history, sex offender database entries, and other important information.

Because of this, utilizing the cell phone number to identify an individual can speed up the delivery of your background check by limiting your results with one to one matching criteria."This is by far, the biggest product roll out Instant Checkmate has ever launched since the company started in 2009" said Michael Smith, Director of Customer Relations.
This really is a game changer."Instant Checkmate delivers reliable, detailed criminal background checks online. The new feature is a testament to Instant Checkmate's desire to provide products that help maintain the safety and security of its clients.

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