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Over 300 million phone records and over 2 BILLION records altogether covering 95% of the US adult population. First try the Free reverse cell phone lookup for company 1 and Company 2 and see what you get. Use a directory with a large database – no database carries information on the entire US population. Use a trustworthy service with a good reputation – Some of these websites try to install malware on your computer.

Use a directory that gives maximum details with a simple reverse cell phone lookup – these are typically ones that provide other searches like background checks, neighborhood checks, date checks etc. Use a directory that offers FREE reverse cell phone lookup options – Free reports are obviously not as comprehensive as paid reports.
Pay ONLY if the Free results are not sufficient – as mentioned earlier, cell phone numbers are NOT listed on the white pages or yellow book. However, the best directories carry information on as much as 90% of US residents and over 1 billion records in total.

Their databases are much larger than those that provide only cell phone number lookups and therefore can provide more information on cell phone owners. This is why a free cell phone number look up will not give you a ton of information, however, as we said earlier, in many cases, the free results can in fact be satisfactory.

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