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Reverse Australia has been around for at least two years and offers a free, consistently useful service to its members. The Visa Grant Number is a unique number that is included in the letter or email we sent to you to advise that you have been approved for a visa to Australia (your Visa Grant Notification Letter). Australia’s electronic visa system means visa holders no longer need a visa label to be placed in their passport to travel to or stay in Australia.

To create or change a password to check your own details in VEVO, you need to be in Australia and contact us through our general enquiries line.
The creators of Reverse Australia use Facebook authentication to discourage people from abusing the service, running bots and so on.
Next you will need to enter your date of birth, your passport or ImmiCard number and the country that issued you your passport – if you are using your ImmiCard, you will need to choose Australia.

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