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Find the image on your blog, right click, and select Copy Image Location (Firefox) or Copy Image Address (Safari). IE Users: Right click on the image, select Properties, and highlight the Address (URL) and click CTRL-C to copy.
You can actually just click the photo whether its on a web page or on your desktop and drag it to the Google search box to do the same thing. How many times have you been in situation when you found that AMAZING image and you have absolutely no information about it – you don’t know who did it, you don’t know it’s name, all you have is low resolution copy and you would give EVERYTHING to have full size original. TinEye is complete set of Reverse Image Search tools: you can upload images you are searching for or just give links to their copies on the web. Using Search you can define up to 5 different colors and then perform Flickr search to find images using colors you provided. TinEye is great tool for Reverse Image Search, I highly recommend it to anyone who often deals with images and colors.

You’ll probably see a lot of sites like Pinterest, and you may discover new sites that have written about your blog and shared a photo or two. I just did a search on one photo and unfortunately saw that it was misused on multiple sites.
I fell in love with your site a long time ago because of post like this, recipes, and your fonts, not because you became popular and have been sent traveling all over the world and post about trips and pushing products on your readers.
I would love to try this, but I have a Safari web browser and neither of your copy image location techniques work. There are sites on the internet who specialize in Reverse Image Search – which means you give them the image, and they find other versions of it on the web. It offers examples of Multicolor Engine usage in two excellent tools – Search and Extract Colors. It is dream of every webmaster, especially that TinEye searches for Creative Commons images!

If you click it, it uses the palette in Search tool, so it is easy way to find images with similar colors to given sample. Try doing a reverse image search on photos from your most popular post, and see what comes up.
I end up spending a couple hours every night combing through search results and Pinterest posts finding the stolen photos and reporting them to Pinterest.
Also I do expect that tineye will add some more options to the search (creative and commons + colors match would be awesome!) at some point. Excellent feature is Compare mode, where you can switch between your search image and selected result, actually seeing the differences.

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