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We have tested 45 different cell phone lookup and reverse cell phone lookup services online. In addition to answering these questions, I am going to show you results of a test I did on pretty much every reverse cell phone provider and database online. I?ve been a private investigator for many years and I?ve had good use for many different online tools, some of them when I conduct a mobile phone lookup. You can find out if your neighbour has a criminal record, you can find a phone number for an old friend or just find name and address to ANY cell phone number.
There?s a very small chance that you can reverse search a landline number using nothing but Google. You can?t use this “phonebook” feature anymore, but you can still use Google as a search engine for phone numbers and in rare cases cell phone numbers. When you perform a reverse cell phone lookup using these tactics, you may get lucky, because the person you are looking for may have a precence on the web or running a business in imports and exports, or being an employee of a company that lists their personnel online.
Running a cell phone lookup like this is time consuming but also quite fun because you can get surprising results and sometimes find information you weren?t looking for in the first place. It?s hard to find cell phone numbers for free these days, so to get reliable information the option is to turn to paid databases.

I still use search engines to find information, but seldom to reverse a cell phone number or perform a lookup of any kind.
If you want to reverse search any kind of number like an unlisted number or a cell phone number there are only paid services out there, actually a lot of them, some of them are really bad, some are OK and some are really good and reliable for almost any search.
You are allowed to search for as many cell phone numbers you like, directly on this website, you can use the box at the top of the page.
After using 3-4 different reverse phone lookup databases I started to notice huge differences between them. Most of the times it?s critical to find out at least, name, state and address for a certain cell phone number.
I wanted to do this test as thourough as possible, so I started with a big list of all reverse cell phone lookup databases and related tools I could find. When running the test I actually had to use one database at a time, running reports for all the categories above including a reverse cell lookup.
38% of the reverse phone number databases we tested did only deliver “possible” first names that they paired with an outdated address or just an incorrect one.
I made this website to be able to give you the top three reverse phone number look up services of my findings.

There are numerous features that a reverse phone lookup provider will provide that may not have been the case just a few years ago. We do business with quite a few companies each and every day, and sometimes, you may have to do a little research – with a cell phone look up service. A directory cell phone service to protect your child Our children need to be as safe as they possibly can at all times. Yes, I got name, state and address, but it had nothing to do with the cell phone number I was trying to reverse. In many cases all that we got back from a reverse phone lookup was the name itself, some times only the first name. Here are the top three (3) reverse cell phone lookup services online, that we feel absolutely confident recommending to you.
We then used ALL of them ourselves, running approximately 170 commercial, residential, cell, and unlisted phone numbers on EACH service.

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