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You can report information directly to the Department of Justice by opening the registered sex offender's profile and clicking on the "Report Information to DOJ" button. The service will notify you, the parent, if your child has posted anything potentially unsafe or inappropriate, within categories related to drugs and alcohol, sex, depression, profanity, and cyberbullying.
The tip led to the arrest and conviction of 55-year-old Robert George Roe, a registered sex offender in Arizona.
Tipsters who make reports to Crime Stoppers that lead to arrests and convictions are eligible to receive rewards of up to $1,000, according to the SLOPD news release. In a simple search on Megan’s Law there are 2 registered sex offenders living at 1955 Theatre Drive Paso Robles which is the River Lodge Motel. You might want to (perhaps instead of spending your time on the phone) peruse the recent reports from the CA Sex Offender Mgmt Board (the official CA Agency tasked with this issue).
Another gem from the same report (on the CASOMB web site) is the statistical finding that a former offender who has been offense free for sth like 17 years has the SAME probability (statistically) to commit a sex offense as a person with a general criminal conviction.
As far as this case goes – 16 year olds can have sex with ANYONE they please in half the states in this country and all civilized countries in this world. You need to see a mandated reporting scale for therapists (we need not report a 13 year old having sex with another 13 year old—but we MUST file a report if a 13 year old is having sex with a 14 year old [and that link is posted below]).
Facebook prohibits convicted sex offenders from using their social network platform and encourages its readers to notify them or the authorities whenever sex offenders create an account.You have the option of contacting Facebook directly or reaching out to the authorities with jurisdiction over the sex offender.
IMPORTANT: Sex offender information provided to you by this website cannot be used to harass, intimidate or threaten sex offenders or members of their family.

Thomas Smith, 49, (homeless) was arrested in Huntington Station for failing to register as a sex offender and false personation.
Many fans are disgusted by the 2006 police report that alleges Josh fondled the breasts and vaginas of at least 5 minor females in the early 2000’s, but others are just flat out angry. WICHITA, Kansas — In a story that probably couldn't get much weirder, a semi-famous clown mascot has turned up in the home of a convicted sex offender. A study performed as part of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, a division of the Pew Research center, reports that “32 percent of online teens have experienced some sort of harassment via the Internet,” including private material being forwarded without permission, threatening messages, and embarrassing photos posted without their consent.
Chapman, a registered sex offender, had created a fake profile and pretended to be 17 years old to gain the victim’s trust.
The site has banned convicted sex offenders from joining, and in 2008 all of the known sex offenders already on the site were removed. Sunbelt Software has reported several suspicious Facebook scams, from a Texas Hold’em poker app containing adware to various phishing scams under similar disguises. You will learn that 19 out of 20 sexual offenses are committed by someone NOT on this list. The rest of your comment just shows that you are well-versed in sex offender hysteria and possess limited reasoning skills. Robert Lubrano reportedly told authorities that he started using crack cocaine after his nephew decapitated his sister in 2014. If you or your child encounters a known sex offender on Facebook, report that person right away.

Your child can report to Facebook any stranger who tries to contact them or engage in inappropriate activity.
I even attend Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings incognito to find out if they are doing inner circle behavior (cruising parks or schools, putting up online ads, etc.). Level with your teen—explain to them about pedophilia and explain that there are men HUNTING FOR YOUNG TEENS AND CHILDREN FOR SEX ONLINE. It seems are an uninformed and uneducated person that is very bitter about this fact, but I think it is more likely you are an actual offender. Not sure what the document you link to says but I can tell you that the California Penal Code makes it a crime for ANY person under 18 to engage in sexual behavior. They are so caught up in their sexual addiction–fantasy overwhelms their subjective sense of reality. Even if the other person is a minor themselves (that would make most of our young people sex offenders, but I guess it is not a crime unless you get caught).
Knowing as much as you do about these things you surely are aware that the Static 99R-Risk Score is NOT applicable to offenders living offense free in the community for 10 years or more.
Given the fact that the CA Sex Offender Registry dates back to the mid 1940s, I would imagine that includes tens of thousands of these people.

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