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Stuffed animals, teen magazines and children's underwear were found in a Wilmington motel that was home to dozens of convicted child molesters and registered sex offenders, authorities said Monday. Eight people were taken into custody in the Friday raid for alleged parole violations, including possession of child pornography or narcotics. The Harbor Inn in the 700 block of Flint Avenue is a hub for sex offenders because of its history as a state-funded waystation for newly released prisoners, Batts said. The government no longer subsidizes offenders to live there, but a California law that restricts sex offenders from living and working near schools and parks keeps the legacy alive. Batts said once offenders are off parole, authorities can only monitor their compliance with registration requirements.
The addresses posted on this offender registry by the Edwards County Sheriff's Office may be in error due to the improper reporting by the offenders.

The Narcotics Division focuses its investigations on illegal drug and narcotic activities, such as the sale, distribution, possession and manufacturing of controlled substances. The Rockwall Police Department Narcotics Unit is a proactive unit that aggressively works with local, state and federal agencies in an effort to reduce the distribution and possession of narcotics in our community. Lynnwood Police Department goes above and beyond when it comes to required checks of all of our sex offenders. All levels of sex offenders are checked at least every 90 days in Lynnwood and Level III offenders are often checked every 30 days in Lynnwood.
Currently, Quinn is the only Level III registered sex offender in the city limits of Lynnwood. Lynnwood also has six Level II registered sex offenders and 49 Level I registered sex offenders.

Narcotics Unit Investigators are responsible for investigating cases involving all drug related issues including the sale, possession and manufacturing of illegal drugs. You may also forward any narcotics related information or questions via email by clicking here.
5 after detectives doing their regular checks became suspicious that he was using narcotics.

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