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The birth certificates are being made available now because the 2014 bill included a transitional period before all the records would be accessible. DAI posts news articles and commentary in areas relevant to adoption and foster care adoption as a way to aggregate information for members of our community.
The history of sealed adoption records in the US and the current battle in New York’s legislation to free them open.
Since, my little blog here is now featured in the local Kingston paper online, I thought it would be most fitting to re-publish this piece I wrote specifically about New York and the adoption laws here.
Even without having firsthand knowledge of the intrinsic ins and outs of adoption, in essence, number A909 is very simple.
In 1935, the then acting NY Governor Lehman, an adoptive father, signed a bill making NY a sealed record state. To date, all nations have signed and ratified the UN convention and either currently have open records or are in the process of doing so. Around the time that NY’s records closed, down in Tennessee, Georgia Tann was beginning her evil rein as a baby stealer. Prior to 1917, all birth certificates were a matter of public records until a Minnesota act closed the first set of state records and began the current trend. Slowly, our societies views on premarital sex and single motherhood began to morph, as adoptees reached legal age and mother’s began to free themselves from shame, and the need for closure, clarity, and truth has shed new light on the emotions surrounding adoption. Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy has been online and involved in the adoption community since early in 2001.
She has been interviewed by Dan Rather, Montel Williams and appeared on Huffington Post regarding adoption as well as presented at various adoption conferences, other radio and print interviews over the years. Pingback: Day 19 of Adoption Activism; NAAM2013 - Fight for New York's Adoptee Rights Bill!
The Search Expert will check & cross-check various divorce record databases to find your records - FREE OF COST. The bill will allow an adult adoptee over the age of 18 to have access to their original birth certificate, called in the adoption circles, the much coveted OBC.
His children were adopted from the most infamous baby thief of them all, Georgia Tann and it is not a farfetched thought to think of New York States adoption records becoming closed upon her request ala quid pro quo.

The original one, which truthfully states the information about their physical birth, including their original names, their natural parents names, the hospital, doctor, date, time and weight, becomes forever sealed under a court of law when their adoption is finalized.
To fully understand why adoption records should be open, one needs to comprehend why they were closed in the first place.
While much of the studies went underground in light of Hitler’s horrors, eugenics and adoption from that time still share a similar root of thought. No longer could the agencies use shame to manipulate a woman for adoption nor could the industry ignore what was so obvious, both mothers and children fared better if information could be exchanged. It is actually quite interesting to see how little people really understand about adoption and it lifelong implications. At that point, the new adoptive parents are issued a new amended birth certificate which might or might not state the real birth information such as date, time, hospital and weight, and replaces the natural parents names with the adoptive parents names “as if” the child was born to them.
Adoption first occurs in history not as a way of meeting the needs of neither a child nor the parents who wish to raise a child, but as a legal way to declare an heir for inheritance rights. It was during this change of focus that closed records were thought to be best for all involved. Past beliefs about infant development and genetic importance were also influencing the act of adoption. While many good adoptive homes were formed, the ideal and the reality of perfect adoptive parents has not erased the need of an adoptee to know their origins. The public record databases in our member's area are geared towards United States public records .Our service is best for those who are seeking public records in general and may not be for those who are desperately seeking records of a particular person due to limited, inaccurate or unavailable results. While there have always been child who have a need for a family, the formal legal relationship though adoption was not necessary. The mother could free herself from the tell tale proof of her sinful digression, the child had the stamp of bastardization removed, and the adoptive parents were free from any undue influences and interference from the original mother. Children were seen as “tabula rosa”, a blank slate, from which the adoptive parents and society could shape at will, forming a better race, since the children were removed from their dubious beginnings and given to more qualified parents.
Many adoptive parents were hurt when they found that their love alone were not enough and their adult child still wondered about their life before adoption, though this is really no judgment about the quality of love nor care. Most of general society has only enough information about adoptees and adoption to fill in the basic plot of a bad made for TV movie or make some great tabloid’s headline.

With the secrets of adoption and the silence of agencies swore to carry those secrets, the OBC is the clearest sure fire way to have that name. Whether it was influenced by the corruption and needed to cover tracks of those like Tann or truly had the noble intentions that we are told of today, the closed records were originally said to be a form of protection.
Infertility was not discussed and it was common for many an adoptive mother to fake her pregnancy and then pretend to all society that she had, in fact, born a child. We cannot guarantee that all records are accurate or available in our databases and is not to be used for employment decisions, unlawful acts, stocking, harassing or embarrassing others. It is their records, with their names on it, but in this state, only adoptees and those in the witness protection program are denied access.
If a birth certificate is issues more than a year after the birth, then it considered circumspect and in adoption, the late issues amended birth certificate was given out after the adoption was finalized, when the adoptee was 18 months or 3 or older! Our Puritanical forefathers were all too quick to pass judgment on both mother and child if born out of wedlock and adoption was thought to spare a innocent babe from the stigma of illegitimacy. The great majority of “girls” didn’t forget their first babies and failed to “get over it” as they were told but waited in shame and secrecy, always wondering about their first born but believing that, with sealed records, there was nothing that could be done. Even New York, considered a liberal “blue” progressive area, the status quo for adoption is based on antiquated laws.
The adoptive parents have no rights to it, not the adoptee, and not the original parents whose names are also listed.
Adoption, at this point still only seemed to seek homes for children as opposed to seeking children for homes though the motivations do begin to become corrupted early on.
Many an adoptive parent was handed over a child and instructed to just “love like one’s own” and, that’s just what they did. It was frequent to hide the fact of a child’s adoption from all including the child and lie about one’s true origins well until adulthood.

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