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Once this indexing is completed, our customers can search for individual medical records by document type, patient name, patient DOB or the last visit date. In other instances, newest records should be indexed first as they are most frequently searched and accessed.
For maximum records security, thoughtful managers reserve the most sensitive indexing jobs for employees with proven integrity.
HIPAA Compliance - Maintaining the confidentiality of your records is of the highest importance at our company.
Moving to an electronic records management system can provide tremendous value to any organization, but it has to be planned and executed perfectly if you are to fully realize this value. In the first post in this series, we showed you how to assess your records and decide on outsourcing or doing the work in-house.

A successful conversion requires the development of a workflow for processing documents and determining what indexing method will be used. The type of conversion you are tackling will determine your workflow and indexing requirements. Companies that regularly deal with IRS scrutiny may need immediate access to old financial records and invoices.
Remember, you aren’t limited to searching for records by one criteria like you are when they are filed alphabetically in a file cabinet.
After you determine the best approach for your organization, you then need to establish workflow and investigate indexing—this blog post covers both. That’s why the information provided here is also intended to give you the knowledge you need to select the right records management partner to help with your conversion.

An indexing structure containing all of the data required to identify an entire folder or a multi-page document can be used.
Record indexing makes your paper records searchable on your computer by capturing important identifying data from the paper originals.

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