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In oktober ging de Volkswagen California T6 in Nederland in premiere tijdens de Kampeer en Caravan Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.
De productiehal in Hannover-Limmer heeft 13.000 vierkante meter aan ruimte voor de productie van de Volkswagen California.
Volkswagen California JubileumshowDe camperbus Volkswagen California bestaat 25 jaar en dat wordt gevierd met een Jubileumshow. VW California in premiere op KCJDe Volkswagen California T6 gaat in Nederland in premiere tijdens de Kampeer en Caravan Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.
Volkswagen California BeachTourVolkswagen Campers in Amersfoort stelt een sportieve camper, de California Beach, gratis ter beschikking aan avontuurlijke buitensporters.
After being granted the visa, Malik joined Farook in San Bernadino, California, where they married.

Talk about an incredible fish, Chris Wolfgram known for catching record size bass, caught this big smallmouth bass out of Lake Pardee. The record says Malik correctly specified the date of Farook's birthday and his job as a food safety inspector - tests to confirm that she genuinely knew him. Record-low snowpack levels in the Sierra Nevada mean most Central California farmers will face another year without water from the federal Central Valley Project.
That shatters the previous low record on this date of 25 percent, set in 1977 and again last year. Eerder dit jaar werd de zestigduizendste California vervaardigd, nadat in 2004 de ontwikkeling en productie door Volkswagen werd overgenomen. Karen is great to work with and I would recommend her to anyone considering the production of any printing and design needs.

And it has huge implications for tens of millions of people who depend on water flowing downstream from melting snow — including the nation's most productive farming region, the California Central Valley. This year, the outlook is no better: The Central Valley Project, which decides where and when to release what water is left in California's reservoirs, has already warned that most farmers downstream won't get any water for the second straight year.

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