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In some states, there are no provisions of law that prevents an employer from using your criminal record and other such documents to base his or her decision in hiring you. In more simple terms, employers in California cannot use the California criminal records of prospective hires as basis for their hiring decisions. So, in conclusion, unless you have a conviction in your California criminal records, you are safe from any hiring decision that is biased on your California criminal records.
According to USA Today, an average of one employee is killed in the workplace every week in the United States.
It took someone with specialized knowledge and a whole lot of effort to gain access to public records of all sorts including criminal records and civil records.

This further means that pre-employment background checks are even more greatly emphasized as this is the only means of determining that the person does or does not indeed have a record. The only exception to the rule is when the California criminal records involve an actual conviction. Thus, having no record to taint your background is an absolute must for most people if they want to improve their chances of getting hired. There are cases wherein California criminal records are established even when the suspect has not been convicted of the crime. Such instances also lead to the establishment of California criminal records although they may or may not result in convictions.

Whether someone has an unpaid parking ticket, or has been convicted of a felony, these public records are all available to anyone. In this case, employers cannot use these types of California criminal records in accordance with the Labor Code, Section 432.7. Your state department of corrections may have information if you know that someone has been in prison, and sex offenders will be registered with your local police department.

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