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Public RecordsThe WRAL Public Records section provides citizens a powerful resource for locating and evaluating public records and other governmental information.
We’ve all heard of public records – documents that are filed by official agencies and made publicly available – but many people don’t know much about them. Before you make your next move, count on public records to help determine the best place for you and your family. Florida law allows citizens access to all state records that don't have a specific exemption.

We believe that access to public information is a freedom that extends to everyone – not just to those who have the time, expertise and persistence to find it on their own. Public records feature information about people, but they do not contain details that could be used to commit crimes such as identity theft. Public records are often difficult to locate, assemble and organize.Any person has the right to inspect, examine and get copies of public records. Anyone can have their information removed from public records websites, or request to have their records hidden at the source.

Public records contain anyone’s most recent contact information, including phone numbers and addresses. If you want to keep up with the latest information and make sure you always have access to recent and relevant data, then public records are the perfect resource.

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